Fresh from the road


Binsar – Romancing Old-world Wilderness and the Himalaya

When in Binsar, all you can do is nothing, and that is the best thing about it. It’s dense, scenic, quiet, well-known yet unexplored and gives you, if not the best then definitely among the best views of the Greater Himalaya. Read more about it!


I’ve got it Too Easy

“You’ve got it too easy.” If I had a nickel every time somebody said that to me then maybe I’d have enough money to actually do what you claim I do. I don’t. Not...


I Am Nature

An ode to Mother Nature, and all the nature lovers out there. This is for you!


Kasauli – The Misty Wonder

Here, at this Misty Wonder, you just be; closer to earth, closer to yourself; if only you’ll give silence a chance to sing its melody, and have ears to listen to the wonders that go beyond.