Mehrangarh Fort – The Ballad of Royalty

Walk your way, as I did, through more than 500 years of history, intrigue and beauty summed up by this giant – The Mehrangarh Fort.

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Tibetran Prayer Wheel.

Tibetan Prayer Wheel – What’s That Text?

Ever wondered what’s that text carved on Tibetan Prayer Wheels and what does it mean? It is the Mani Mantra – Oṃ maṇi padme hūṃ. Read more about it!

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Kasauli – The Misty Wonder

Here, at this Misty Wonder, you just be; closer to earth, closer to yourself; if only you’ll give silence a chance to sing its melody, and have ears to listen to the wonders that go beyond.

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Travel – The New Age Meditation

Travel establishes an unspoken yet vividly felt connection with the living world, becoming our present, our expression, and our chosen form of Meditation. A newer, better life awaits!

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Tips for being a Responsible Traveller

It is not an overnight transformation; it will take some time. But accountability towards healthy tourism and a healthy world is ours, and it is, the way forward. Happy travelling!

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