I’ve got it Too Easy

by Mohit Behl
You’ve got it too easy.”

If I had a nickel every time somebody said that to me then maybe I’d have enough money to actually do what you claim I do. I don’t. Not nearly as much as I want to. I am obviously talking about travelling here, but all that I’m about to say applies to life in general as well. And to whatever dreams you harbour when the lights go off in the brightest corners of your heart.

What you see is a pretty picture of breathtaking landscapes from far-flung corners of our country and may come to assume that all this is all too easy. What you miss is the painstaking amount of effort it takes to be there and live the way I wish to. From finances to health to saying countless goodbyes to shuffling between work and travel to sometimes no work and no travel at all, it’s all there.

It’s not easy; it’s way too easy. Because it’s your life.

You’ve got a job that allows you to travel. I wish I had something like that.”

I was in the content development industry for the first two years of my professional career and have been working in advertising for the last four. And if you were marginally familiar with the latter, you wouldn’t be, so casually, allowing statements like that to fall off the tongue. I’ve never had a job that allows me to travel whenever I want to. Believe me, I wish I had. I make it work.

I make it work because 5 years ago I made a conscious decision to not let confined spaces dictate their learning on me; I’d rather be out, messing it all up and learning from the ground up. I make it work because I still make the same decision every day. I make it work because I’d not have it any other way. I make it work because I plan it ahead of time. I make it work because I WANT IT TO WORK.

It’s not easy; it’s way too easy. Because it’s as simple as that.

“You’ve got a family that supports you rather than the other way around.”

I’ll give you that, partly. Sure, I have a cushion to fall back on, emotionally and at times financially. I am and ever will be grateful for that. But the cushion is spread out on a bed of thorns. It’s not easy saying goodbye every time before leaving for a trip; it’s only natural to be fearful. It’s not easy to sometimes be out of a job and miss that quiet comfortable corner and familiar faces. It’s not easy accepting money that you haven’t earned; self-respect comes in the way.

Now let me ask you this? Is it really comfort or safety if it comes at the price your imagination running haywire, weaving unhappy endings to life stories where none exist? That it may, at any given point of time, go all wrong? Or that it might never turn out to be what you set out to achieve? To have a dream is to run the risk of having it shattered.

It’s not easy; it’s way too easy. Because happiness needs to be pursued.

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Devyani Patnaik January 12, 2018 - 4:00 pm

What do you do?
I am a wanderer,a professional explorer!!
People don’t accept this for an answer as they are more interested to know where n how do i slave myself off to earn my living..

Oh but you don’t have to go to the office tomorrow, naa..lucky you!!
I have 100 answers to this..but i keep silent..as i prefer to travel light..n can’t add the other person’s baggage(read opinion) to mine..

Being a self-proclaimed wanderer n caveman, i have lost count of where my paths led me to!! my paths often keep meandering,,they keep changing..with new landscapes n new avenues to offer..n i completely give in to them..as travelling around the places n travelling through my life..are the only things i have known of..
lovingly i walked through all..studies..job..illness..job..business..i tasted them all..n simply kept travelling..
Because..i listened to my inner voice..and tried to seek my liberation by walking my own path..

After all..it’s not easy; it’s way too easy…because it’s highly liberating!!!

Mohit Behl January 14, 2018 - 8:47 pm



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