by Mohit Behl

There’s always a way, a way out. A way out of anything that remotely tries to shake us up from our sleep. From a hand that reaches out of its own comfort zone to pull us out of the box we’ve grown accustomed to. From our pretty little mind-circle we like to call ‘Understanding’. It’s easy. But then there’s another way, a way in. A way back into the world as it should be, rather than how it has become around you. Into our heart that has caught rust because of the mind. Into freedom that is not doomed because of our fears. That way, the way back in, is where the magic really happens.

And that way has long been calling! It has always been ours and yet we stay separated. Walk into its calling. Walk into it even if it means walking to the ends of the earth. Walk into our true belongingness. Walk into the embrace of our mother called Nature, of lofty mountains and undisturbed forests, of limitless seas and curving creaks, of beautifully barren deserts and gushing rivers, of placid lakes and forgotten trails. All, as old as time itself!

Because it is places like these that eventually conjure up a sense of belonging. That after all, it’s not so much about fitting in, but about feeling it in our blood to break out of that urge. Fit in to yourself. Fit in to the purity of the nature that is all around us. Take the new route, create fresh starting points every time and get underway, let those perspectives be rattled, let those nerves be shaken, pause intentionally, reset naturally. Repeat!

It is all out there and that is all there is. Take the Route, make it your Cause!