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Work With Me

by Mohit Behl

Why collaborate with The Route Cause?

The Copy and Content Specialist

A true wordsmith and a storyteller by heart with a deep-rooted love for the written word! 6 years and counting, however, for me the word still rules the day, the sleepless nights, the hard-to-get-by afternoons and the seldom pleasant evenings. The word…

What’s in a word? The word is intrigue. It’s seduction. It’s righteous. It’s creation made immortal. It’s the passion and the persuasion! The vision and the obsession! The first weapon drawn in a war and the last piece to peace. What’s in a word? Well…

The Restless Travelling Soul

All it takes is a few days off travel and my motor starts running, the legs start twitching and the desire to hit the road begins creeping in until it all reaches a crescendo and I’m out there, again. This has been the pattern since 2011. And it is only getting worse, or should I say, better.

I like to travel at my own pace, solo or with a select group of friends, usually to places that are beyond the grasp of an average tourist and get into the skin of it. To bring you stories and experiences, with a keen eye for detail, that not only fuel your desire to travel but inspire you find your route.

The Shutter-happy  Lunatic

What started as a need to document it all like a tourist has turned into a profession over the last few years. Whether it’s six in the morning or midnight, evening or smack dab in the middle of the day, if the transpiring scene captures my attention, it will be captured in my camera with attention to detail.

I specialise in Landscape, Nature, Travel, Street and Portrait photography.

On what all you can collaborate with The Route Cause

With collective experience of over 6 years as a Content Writer & Editor and Copywriter in Advertising, I’ve written a fair share of articles for both web and print on Travel and Lifestyle, and crafted copies for Print, Outdoor and Digital platforms for some of the major Travel & Hospitality and Food & Beverages brands (and more) in the country.

Through my blog, The Route Cause, and other collaborations, I intend to inspire you to pack up your bags and travel, and see more of our beautiful world as it is rather than how it has been made to be, with me.

Blogging Campaigns

I work on full-fledged, engaging blogging campaigns with real-time updates on social media that exhibit your brand’s unique selling proposition by way of promoting both the destination and the accommodation and thereby establish it in the minds of existing and would-be travellers.

Copy and Content for Travel Events

From generating pre-launch buzz to live tweeting at the actual event to post-event thank you’s, together we can create a systematic approach to promote the event by way of crafting innovative communication for the target audience and see it through.

Freelance Travel Writing and Photography

Whether it’s SEO-driven blogs and articles, experiential articles or photo stories, if it’s challenging enough, I’ll take it up and help your brand cash in on the visibility through interesting, original and creative content. I am also open to Freelance Photography projects, in case that is all you need.

Property Reviews and Web Content

I’d welcome the opportunity to come up to your property and write a detailed, photographed review about it, its location, service and hospitality, food and the nearby places to see. I am also game for creating original content for your property’s website, with photographs.

Social Media Strategy, Campaigns and Digital Engagement

Majority of your target audience is already out there, and you need to get them where they are, now! I can help design a creative social media strategy (weekly, fortnightly or monthly content, online campaigns or contests) backed by equally powerful communication to help drive in profitable digital media engagement for your brand.

You can either email me at mohit@theroutecause.com or connect with me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to further discuss your requirements.

My charges will vary with the scope, duration and challenge of the project.